TR35 Innovator of the Year
September 2009:
Prof. Kevin Fu is named Innovator of the Year by the MIT Technology Review TR35.

Workshop on Transportation Payment Security and Privacy
February 2009:
RFID CUSP researchers held a workshop with academic, industrial, and government participants to brainstorm how to improve security and privacy of integrated payment systems for transportation.

Cheap security from SRAM
March 2009:
IEEE Spectrum interviews Prof. Wayne Burleson and Dan Holcomb on using the contents of uninitialized SRAM to generate randomness and an identifying fingerprint on future RFID tags.

NSF grant to improve RFID security
October 30, 2008:
CUSP researchers Prof. Wayne Burleson and Dr. Ari Juels are collaborating with Prof. Dennis Goeckel and Prof. Robert Jackson of the UMass Wireless Center on a new project
entitled "Ultra Wideband Radio for Low-Power Security." The project was recently awarded a $200,000 grant from the NSF Cyber Trust program.


Vulnerabilities in RFID Passport Cards and Enhanced Drivers' Licenses
October 23, 2008:
Researchers find security and privacy vulnerabilities in Passport Cards and RFID-enhanced drivers' licenses. Read the technical report and coverage by the WSJ.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
June 6, 2008:
Prof. Kevin Fu explained the challenges for security and privacy of contactless credit cards, NFC phones, and chip-and-pin to attendees at the 2008 Payments Conference organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

IEEE Security & Privacy Best Paper Award
May 19, 2008:
RFID CUSP researchers received the Outstanding Paper Award at the 29th Annual IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy for the paper entitled, "Pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators: Software-radio attacks and zero-power defenses."

Medical Device Security and Privacy
March 12, 2008:
Team members from RFID CUSP discovered that an implantable cardioverter defibrillator can leak private information and allow unauthorized parties to modify settings that control shock therapies. Read the full report and coverage by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and a press release.

RFID Workshop
January 2008:
Attendees from academia, industry, and government participated in the RFID Security Workshop at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.
The original workshop program appears here.

November 2007

RFID Journal, November 1, 2007:
RFID Journal reports Daniel Holcomb's work on using the initial SRAM state for fingerprint extraction and random number generation on RFIDs.

October 2007

Alexandria, VA, Oct 31, 2007:
Dr. Ari Juels presents "Covert Channels in Privacy-Preserving Identification Systems" and discusses the concern of such channels existing in RFIDs at ACM CCS 2007.

July 2007

Malaga, Spain, July 11, 2007:
Graduate students Daniel Holcomb and Hee-Jin Chae present results on RFID security at RFIDSec 2007.

June 2007

June 24, 2007:
The IEEE Communications Society awards the 2007 Best Tutorial Paper Award to the J-SAC paper, "RFID Security and Privacy: A Research Survey," by A. Juels. Read more >

Ottawa, Canada, June 21, 2007:
The Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) Award was given to the paper 'Security Analysis of a Cryptographically-Enabled RFID Device', by S. Bono, M. Green, A. Stubblefield, A. Juels, A. Rubin, and M. Syzdlo. Read more

May 2007

Montreal, Canada, May 3, 2007:
Prof. Kevin Fu discusses security and privacy aspects of ubiquitous computing in the retail store of the future at the 17th Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy. Read more >

May 7, 2007:
The EMC Corporation's Innovation Network will broaden the company's engagements with leading university research programs and consortia, including the RFID Consortium for Security and Privacy. Read more >

Federal Reserve, May 21, 2007:
Prof. Kevin Fu explains laboratory research in RFID security at the Emerging Payments Research Group Contactless Forum at the Boston Federal Reserve. Read more >

April 2007

DoD RFID Summit, April 3-4, 2007:
Dr. Ari Juels serves on an RFID privacy panel at the Department of Defense RFID Summit. Read more >

Dartmouth Centers Forum, April 9, 2007:
Prof. Kevin Fu moderates a panel on RFID security and privacy at the Dartmouth College Center Forum on Freedom and Technology. Read more >

March 2007

NPR's "Please Explain", March 9, 2007: Graduate student Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin explains electronic identification on the Leonard Lopate Show of New York Public Radio. Listen >

TACD RFID Workshop, March 13, 2007:
Prof. Kevin Fu joins panelists at the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue’s workshop on “RFID and Ubiquitous Computing" in Brussels, Belgium to discuss how privacy and security can be built into the technology.

PerSec Workshop, March 19, 2007:
Graduate student Benessa Defend presents the cryptanalysis of two lightweight authentication schemes at the Fourth IEEE International Workshop on Pervasive Computing and Communication Security in New York. Read more >

Berkeley TRUST, March 22, 2007:
Prof. Kevin Fu speaks at the Berkeley TRUST seminar. Read more >

February 2007

Financial Cryptography, Feb 11, 2007: Graduate student Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin presents analysis of RFID-enabled credit cards and Prof. Kevin Fu runs a panel on RFID security and privacy at the Financial Cryptography Conference in Tobago/Trinidad. Read more >

RSA Conference, Feb 6, 2007: Dr. Ari Juels presents "RFID Security: An Overview" and serves on the panel, "RFID — The Benefits and Challenges: Do We Legislate or Do We Innovate?" in San Francisco, CA. Read more >

October 2006

New York Times, Oct 23, 2006: RFID CUSP scientists demonstrate security and privacy vulnerabilities in RFID-enabled credit cards. Read more >

September 2006

RFID Journal, Sept 8, 2006: Scientists to receive $1.1 million from the National Science Foundation to research cryptographic protocols, hardware and applications in RFID security. Read more >

August 2006

RFID Journal, Aug 22, 2006: An implantable passive RFID tag made by the VeriChip Corp. can be cloned and is, therefore, not an appropriate device for use in building access control. Read more >

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