RFID CUSP is a partnership between academic and industrial scientists specializing in RFID security and privacy. Our mission is to make RFID safe for consumers by conducting open research and educating the next generation work force that will develop, deploy and maintain secure RFID infrastructures.

Three principles of data security guide our research.

Planning ahead: Good security is built in, not bolted on. The Internet has taught a key lesson: It is less costly to anticipate threats and to secure systems from the start than to patch after the fact.

Open design: Public scrutiny usually breeds stronger systems than private finger-crossing. Openness has long been a cardinal rule of cryptography and a pillar of secure system design. Similarly, responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities holds the technology industry to high standards and brings vital education to the community.

Thinking holistically: Well conceived goals beget well conceived solutions. Thorough understanding of the uses and abuses of a system is the first step toward economical and effective security.


RFIDSec Workshop
June 2011:
UMass Amherst will host the 2011 RFIDSec Workshop June 26-28, 2011. This event represents the first time that RFIDSec will be held in the United States.

WISP Summit
November 2009:
RFID CUSP researchers co-chair the WISP Summit at Intel Research on wirelessly powered sensor networks and computational RFIDs.

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